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Tom Tor: Official Site


Commissioned project by Saing the restaurant owner to design and concept new entire restaurant design and branding. Cyclo Southeast Asian Noodles restaurant offer diners freshly prepared dishes from around Southeast Asia, including Cambodian noodle items and a variety of Vietnamese pho also serves appetizers and unique desserts which is created from a recipe the Saing family brought with them from Cambodia.

Restaurant design, Website, Advertising and Branding

Humble Potato

When Los Angeles restaurateur Eric Ong approached us about developing the brand for his upcoming eatery, Humble Potato, we couldn’t resist! He had the concept, we added the creative. From custom graphics and logo to restaurant design and packaging, we worked with Eric to make his vision of Humble Potato a reality. The result is a vibrant, modern interior popping with Japanese flair and a brand that reflects the menu itself - one part Japanese flavor, one part American comfort, and a generous splash of L.A. style. Go on and treat yourself to an Original Hambaga - we know you want one!

Restaurant design and Branding

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Mittongtare Studio

I had the opportunity rebrand Mittongtare studio. Pornchai Mittongtare’s studio is a sunny loft space in downtown Los Angeles, where he is able to take advantage of Southern California’s famous, year-‘round natural light. He frequently works with top food and prop stylists from around the region. The studio has a spacious full kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, and Pornchai and his team use the latest digital technology to craft truly extraordinary images for a wide variety of clients.

Identity, Stationery, Website, and Promos Media.

South OC

Rebranding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established South OC pediatric dentistry. South OC, where smiles start specialize in the treatment of infants, children and people with special needs.

Rebranding, Identity, Stationery, Website, and Promos Media.

Google. Stop Sopa/Pipa

A collaboration between GOOD/Corps and TomTor for Google. Seven millions plus signatures in support of stopping PIPA and SOPA; most petition signatures in history.

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Adia is “On-the-Go” Probiotic that goes where you go. Adia Nutrition, which combines the power of probiotics with convenience, low sugar and great taste. Their revolutionary product delivers live, active bacteria to the digestive tract in a great tasting drink mixes and individually wrapped chews.

Branding, Website, Packaging, Catalogs and Promotional Materials.

Organic Tan

Commissioned project to concept and design all new entire branding for Organic Tan’s specializing in formulating Organic and High-Performance skincare, it is our vision to bring the best of both worlds together in a line of products specifically suited for the special needs of Indoor Tanning skincare. Organic Tan’s selected ingredients that will nourish and repair the skin, like Organic Inca Inchi Seed Oil and Organic Fig Fruit Extract.

Identity, Stationery, Website, Packaging, Catalogs, T Shirt Design, Trade Booth Design, Advertising and Promos Media.


Are your company goals succeeding, if not, then think about Business Identity Systems, Website, Packaging, Catalogs, Storefront Signing, DVD Pack and Promotional Marketing Collateral and Campaigns?-Consult TOMTOR STUDIO. Our long-term client, Lawson-Fenning, is a Los Angeles based furniture and furnishings company with strong vintage influences.  The company’s rich aesthetic of modern shapes combine with the playful forms of classic mid-century modernism and the efficiency of Stark Modernism, show cases the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s eras.

TomTor’s Design solution and approach began by concept work sessions and interviews of the Lawson-Fenning owners, staff and clients. Clearly understanding Lawson-Fenning’s clients and the company’s goals, TomTor Studio conceived that the holly flower, which reined as a influential pattern from the 1940s’ through 60’s, capitalized Lawson-Fenning concept, along with a Stark Modernism appeal. Thus its logotype of individually hand drawn letters reflects its vintage heritage and communicates its playful forms of the mid-century modernism with a clean look – at its BEST. 

Identity, Stationery, Website, Packaging, Catalogs, Storefront sings, DVD Pack and Promos Media.

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GE Creating Jobs in America

Infographic for General Electric, Partners Help Add $166 Billion to U.S. Economy and Support 830,000 Jobs, Survey Finds or visit General Electric for more info.

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I had the opportunity to collaboration with the wonderful people at GOOD corps and the people at LA2B. Introduce L.A.’s commuting behavior compares to other cities? and how our city transform. GOOD/CORPS FOR THE CITY OF LA

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March 11, 2011 at 2:46 PM JST

March 11, 2011 at 2:46 PM JST - A Massive 9.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hit Japan.3月11日 2時46分 マグネチュード9・0 東日本大震災 被災者・被災地に一日も早い平和な日々が戻る事を願います。

TomTor Studio has created a limited edition run of 300 silkscreen posters to help provide relief for Japan. All proceeds from sales will be donated to Civic Force, a not-for-profit organization in Japan that provides effective emergency services in case of large-scale crises in Japan. For more information regarding Civic Force, please visit

Posters are printed on classic crest uncoated stock (130 lb). Size: 45.72 cm x 60.96 cm. Please note that the purchase only includes the poster and does not include the frame as pictured. The poster will be shipped in a protective tube.

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Nature’s Selection Wallpaper

Commissioned by Lawson-Fenning to design wallpaper based on nature. These abstract floral patterns emerged. I was always wondering how to combat those white walls. Finally!)

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Sharpe+Associates 2/4

Sharpe+Associates is a representative agency for commercial artists and this is the second promo mailer 2/4, which will be mailed out to most art directors and advertising agencies.

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MEF is a creative communications agency, whose methodology is to harvest an elite team of talents from various creative fields with synergy that flows across international boundaries. MEF disciplines and projects range from advertising, broadcast design and commercials, web to video installations and beyond. At TOMTOR STUDIO, we have assembled a full spectrum of creative skill sets to meet MEF needs, as well as, your concepts on a national and global spectrum- specializing in Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Websites, Visual Identity, and all Promotional Material Campaigns.

Wall Street Vs. Main Street

We recently took part and participate in designing a few upcoming graphic tees and posters for Beams in Tokyo. The topic have to be on news and current event in the USA. We at TomTor studio like to have any discussing on any topic. This is our poster of what going on in our global headlines between Wall Street Vs. Main Street. These limited edition silkscreen posters print is now on sale at Oneless Act online store or you can contact us for more info at

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We was commissioned to concept and design a new entire branding for beverage products call PRE. PRE prebiotic beverage was developed to conveniently deliver you a healthy digestive boost any time of the day. PRE actively works with the body to promote healthy digestive balance by triggering the growth of beneficial bacteria called probiotics already present in your digestive tract. As the good bacteria increase so does resistance to harmful bacteria causing a boost in your immune system. PRE works with your digetive system helping to restore balance creating a healthy, happier you. What we did, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Naming, Websites, Packaging, POP in Store and Visual Identity.

Pre Promote, Restore, Enhance.

PRE. – Live PREactive!

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Sharpe+Associates 3/4

Sharpe+Associates is a representative agency for commercial artists and this is the second promo mailer 3/4, which will be mailed out to most art directors and advertising agencies.

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TT’s House of Cards

Originally based on his archives of his most recent design works, Tom Tor’s ‘House of Cards’ is now available. Enjoy his beauty and design in reconstructing and reformatting his world and yours. TT’s house of cards designed by Tom Tor and exclusively available only at Oneless Act.

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Sharpe+Associates 1/4

Sharpe+Associates represents non-subject driven photographers, who are known for their stylized, conceptual commercial work. This packaging design was used as their promotional mailer and to promo nine different photographers.

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Tom Tor’s 1975

A personal art work by Tom Tor, about his journey from Cambodian refugee camp into United States. The book is based on his first English written essay when he was 14. The book was designed entirely by hand using traditional way of letterpress. First editions were sold to United Cambodian Center and renowned painter Francesco Clamente.

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I Love Japan

Sneak preview of the book cover designed project that I’ve been working on and “Yes” the rest of the book is coming soon, I promised:)…

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S-21 Faces

I was commissioned to designed a new typeface call S-21, this typeface provides a distinctive look that affords great variability in its composition. Conceptually, it a modernist typography. However this typeface will be use a upcoming book that I will be designing sometime in the near future. S-21 typeface can be use both display, or text.

Tom Tor’s Black Clouds

TomTor’s Black Clouds was an experimental design book based on the invasion of the Khmer Rouge (the red army) into Cambodia. Using letterpress and copy machine, these pages broke all the rules and discipline of design that I learned from my academic days. This book later inspired me to work on “1975”.

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Global Hybrid Exhibition

I was invited to participate in upcoming exhibition called Global Hybrid with be opening July 7 to August 2, 2009 at Meta House in Cambodian. All of the artworks is limited edition silkscreen posters is a environmental movement to help promoted saving Khmer’s wildlife in the Cambodian.

Visitor Art Exhibition

Visitor Art  Exhibition By Tom Tor 期間:February 10th (Tues) – March 15th (Sun) 2009 場所:藤井大丸 7階 〒600-8031 京都市下京区四条寺町 Tel : 075-221-8181  営業時間:10:30 - 20:00 Fujii Daimaru / Japan –Kyoto

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Visitor Silk Screen Poster

This is an invitational limited edition silkscreen poster, 38×27 inches, which was used as a promotional for the Visitor Interactive Art Exhibition by Tom Tor in Tokyo. If you would like to purchase one or get more information, please contact me by clicking on the link

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MEF Eskimo Tokyo Poster
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Clorox Advertising Campaign
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DT07 Alphabet Poster

This is an alphabet poster project for Design Tide. I was invited to participate to designed new alphabets for this year’s event based on the theme, “PLAY=COMMUNICATION”. This message was conveyed to Tokyo and to all the people around the world, that typography is all about play, play, and play…

Idea Magazine Poster
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Save Angkor Wat

Immediately after making a speech in front of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland about TT’s poster that celebrated the indigenous peoples, the UN approached Tom Tor with another project. It focused on something close to Tom’s heart, saving Angkor Wat, a historical ruin in his native born country of Cambodia.

At that time, the UN was organizing a fund-raiser in Europe to collect enough money to restore Angkor Wat. The poster’s goal was to target the most difficult to please, the European elite. It was an enormous challenge since they were influenced by the great Swiss grid design, moved by European modern architecture, and appreciated the classical works of typography. The sunset at Angkor Wat served in part as the inspiration, along with Angkor Wat’s three major towers that are most prominent, in which the tallest one was also incorporated into the logotype.

Today Angkor Wat is in the process of being restored. The message of the poster reached countries all over the world. A greater awareness and understanding was conveyed in this project. Henceforth, many countries were moved and immediately asked to join in the effort to restore this significant symbol of Cambodia. With this prize-winning poster, a piece of history will be able to stand once again.

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Polo Bears Suck!

Now available online at Beams store in Tokyo: Friends of the Earth T-shirt “Polo Bears Suck!” .;)

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Tom Tor’s Book

Title: TomTor ’s “Everything Is More Complicated Then Visible”, is one of my personal book projects. Copies of this limited edition were printed and screen-printed. It was a difficult project for me because I had to learn bookbinding for the first time and believe me; it is not so easy as it looks. Although it appeared seemingly comprehensible, I was faced with one of the most complex and time consuming challenges of bookmaking, but it was great for me and I liked how it turned out. All I really needed was a little bit of patience. If you are interested and would like to purchase the book, please contact me for more info.

Sharpie Ad Campaign

Sharpie was asked to develop a graphic Ad Campaign piece, using markers that would be used to theme is let is out!, is an experimental stylistic fun illustration.

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Crest Advertising
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Blume Recordings EP No.14
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Peace is Disarming™

Peace is Disarming™ is more than a bold tagline chosen to complement the charm’s unusual origin— it’s the premise for a larger movement for peace. We hope you’ll buy a charm and wear it in peace.

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Polka Dot Wallpaper

Here is a cheerful new polka dot wallpaper.:)

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PCAA Ad Campaign

Prevention Child Abuse: I was commissioned to work on this public service advertising campaign poster in order to raise awareness and help prevent child abuse and neglect. The Prevention Child Abuse Association helps children and their families overcome the traumatic effects of child abuse, especially in childhood molestation cases. PCAA also provides educational programs designed to increase awareness of abuse and how to prevent it, as well as, providing case management and other support services to help create strong families and decrease the chances of abuse/neglect.

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Steinberg & Sons Ad Campaign

Steinberg & Sons, clothing store, located in Los Angeles and established in 1999 - love is clearly the motivating force: love of fashion, love of art, love of fashion-as-art gallery for clothes, hats, jewelry and other accessories.

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Burton Snowboards

Just complete designing the new Burton snowboards for this year’s.

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MEF™ Poster

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Debli Project Exhibition

Debli means ‘Recycle and Re-create’ which is an exhibition of animal inspired art and media. Over 180 artists, who incorporated ‘recycled’, object d’arts, revealed their artistic creative visions, wildly imaginative minds and impressive artistic skills. This revolutionary art tour affirmed Tom Tor’s ongoing commitment to support independent artistic expressions. His creative agencies, with offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo, manifested the possibility of designing to make a difference with the concept of ‘Recycle and Re-create’. Tom Tor, aka Eskimo, was commissioned to be a part of this exhibition and continues to design and develop for the Debli’s official commercial and advertising campaign.

Blume Recordings EP No.13
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Basement Media

I was commissioned to design Basement Identity System’s marketing campaign. BM is a full-service creative marketing design firm located at the nucleus of entertainment, art, and progressive modern design that caters to global lifestyle consumers and brands in the United States, Japan, and China. Their advertising, strategic planning, print design, corporate branding, relationship marketing, event sponsorships, interactive websites, digital marketing, visual effects, post production, media planning / buying, public relations, and promotions, range from full scale productions of broadcast commercials to music videos, which integrate the techniques of visual Feng Shui.

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Martini Advertising
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Landmine Awareness Posters

This posters is for UN ad campaign for landmine awareness. The causes and effects of landmine around the world. The answer to this seemingly simple question is not elementary….

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Subtitle Film Festival

Subtitle Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a more comprehensive representation of Asian culture by promoting an awareness of Asian and Asian American achievements in the arts. Subtitle will be the source for the public to experience the significant, yet underrepresented accomplishments of Asians and Asian Americans in arts and media. Subtitle will feature talent in film, fashion, music, and art through a variety of events ranging from film festivals, fashion shows, music festivals, art exhibitions, seminars, and workshops to challenge and explore beyond the common misconceptions of Asians in current media.

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Eskimo T-Shirt
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Seasons Booklet
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The Coke Side of Life
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Zachary Scott

Zachary Scott is a photographer who is based in the New York area. Specializing in editorial and advertising since 1998, Zachary Scott is an excellent photographer, communicator with high attention to detail and is passionate in creating outstanding work. In 2005, I got to work with Zachary on his new brand identity system, promo collateral and his personal website.

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The New York Times Magazine
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Sighttwo™ Promo
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Sighttwo™ Advertising
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Landmine Awareness

This poster was created for the United Nations campaign, as part of an effort to increase awareness of the danger of existing landmines around the world. The objective was not to simply show the horrifying effects of the explosion or torn body parts, but to express this concern in a poetic way. We wanted to educate the public in a language that even children could understand. This poster was chosen by the United Nations committee as a winner over 1000 posters that were entered in the competition.

The Killing Field Poster

An estimated 2.7 million people died in Cambodia from 1975-1979. I was lucky to survive. Everyday I thank God for giving me a second chance at life. This poster is my way of expressing and honoring the thousands of Khmer people who died or were executed in the rice fields. I decided to make this poster as minimal as possible which symbolized this by placing bullets as part of the rice seeds that blossom and letting the poster speak for itself.

California Human Rights

California Human Rights contacted me to design a poster to protest President Bill Clinton’s position on trading with Chinese President Jiang. The poster expressed the cruelty that exists for prisoners in China whose body parts were sold in the black market after they were executed.