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Tom Tor: Official Site


Commissioned project by Saing the restaurant owner to design and concept new entire restaurant design and branding. Cyclo Southeast Asian Noodles restaurant offer diners freshly prepared dishes from around Southeast Asia, including Cambodian noodle items and a variety of Vietnamese pho also serves appetizers and unique desserts which is created from a recipe the Saing family brought with them from Cambodia.

Restaurant design, Website, Advertising and Branding

Mittongtare Studio

I had the opportunity rebrand Mittongtare studio. Pornchai Mittongtare’s studio is a sunny loft space in downtown Los Angeles, where he is able to take advantage of Southern California’s famous, year-‘round natural light. He frequently works with top food and prop stylists from around the region. The studio has a spacious full kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, and Pornchai and his team use the latest digital technology to craft truly extraordinary images for a wide variety of clients.

Identity, Stationery, Website, and Promos Media.

South OC

Rebranding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established South OC pediatric dentistry. South OC, where smiles start specialize in the treatment of infants, children and people with special needs.

Rebranding, Identity, Stationery, Website, and Promos Media.


Adia is “On-the-Go” Probiotic that goes where you go. Adia Nutrition, which combines the power of probiotics with convenience, low sugar and great taste. Their revolutionary product delivers live, active bacteria to the digestive tract in a great tasting drink mixes and individually wrapped chews.

Branding, Website, Packaging, Catalogs and Promotional Materials.

Organic Tan

Commissioned project to concept and design all new entire branding for Organic Tan’s specializing in formulating Organic and High-Performance skincare, it is our vision to bring the best of both worlds together in a line of products specifically suited for the special needs of Indoor Tanning skincare. Organic Tan’s selected ingredients that will nourish and repair the skin, like Organic Inca Inchi Seed Oil and Organic Fig Fruit Extract.

Identity, Stationery, Website, Packaging, Catalogs, T Shirt Design, Trade Booth Design, Advertising and Promos Media.

Oneless Act

Oneless act is simplicity at its best - the art of specialization in its purest form. unique, deliberate, expressive: the vision of our craft goes through no motions, no grinds, no routines. with each act, we do less and achieve more.

Identity, Stationery, Website, Packaging, Catalogs, T Shirt Design, DVD Pack and Promos Media.


When Tajima Creative Partners approached us to rebrand, produce and position their brand, a collaborative creative conscience emerges. TOMTOR STUDIO does it by design. The way we see it, design is about something bigger than aesthetics. It’s about ideas. It’s about putting our knowledge, our passions and, yes, even our hope for a solid night’s sleep where our values are concerned. Collectively and individually, TCP is on a mission to exceed our little corners of the universe. Whether it’s sustainable buildings, creative reuse or branding that taps truths, TCP products and services address the progressive issues that we encounter daily. TCP is not naïve. It’s one thing to design with a series of beliefs and another to make a living at it. Some of us have been shaking up traditional conventions for years and yet others are just beginning. But at the end of the day, we’ve all set out to do the same thing –– prove that you can rethink design and redefine business simultaneously. TOMTOR STUDIO assists architects, their concepts to rethink how effective it is to reposition each of our clients in the most efficient way.


MEF is a creative communications agency, whose methodology is to harvest an elite team of talents from various creative fields with synergy that flows across international boundaries. MEF disciplines and projects range from advertising, broadcast design and commercials, web to video installations and beyond. At TOMTOR STUDIO, we have assembled a full spectrum of creative skill sets to meet MEF needs, as well as, your concepts on a national and global spectrum- specializing in Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Websites, Visual Identity, and all Promotional Material Campaigns.

Visitor Interactive Art Exhibition

I just want to take this time to say, “Thank you and I appreciated all the people who attended my exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo. It was my pleasure meeting all of you at the exhibition opening and a special thanks to Junji Suzuki.” Also, I want to let everybody know that the exhibition will be extended to November 23rd. If you like more information, please go to or click on the Mirai gallery link.

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Tokyo Designer’s Week

Tokyo Designer’s Week - Container Exhibition (October 31 - November 4, 2007) is the largest and most influential design event held yearly in Japan. Tom Tor and MEF designed this interactive installation for Teraoka Seiko. TT transformed an empty 40 ft. cargo container into a unique exhibition site. Using customized software and sophisticated programming and hardware; the participant’s weight was recorded on a scale, which then became translated into motion graphics onto a projected screen. The graphics reacted according to the person’s weight, thus producing various hues of color, which were displayed as particle animations and reflected the theme, set forth by TDW called “LOVE”.

Wamu Interactive

Introducing: The WaMu Gift Account Interactive The account holder opens a secure WaMu Gift Account online. Using an easy-to-customize WaMu template, he or she sends out a secure email or prints out an informational card that can be snail mailed in an envelope (say for example, along with a baby shower or wedding invitation) stating the account is “open” with easy-to-follow instructions on how to deposit into the account. It’s important to remember that anyone can deposit into the account, but only the named recipient(s) can withdraw from it. Then the gift giver just hops online, use a credit card or transfers funds from a checking account, and voila! The cash gift is in the recipient’s account.

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Visitor Silk Screen Poster

This is an invitational limited edition silkscreen poster, 38×27 inches, which was used as a promotional for the Visitor Interactive Art Exhibition by Tom Tor in Tokyo. If you would like to purchase one or get more information, please contact me by clicking on the link

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Peace is Disarming

Peace is disarming is an organization dedicated to supporting world peace by mending the destructive remnants of war. We subsidize and organize non-profit and for-profit groups that work to this end. Whether it’s rebuilding a road, disarming a bomb, or rehabilitating a child soldier, it doesn’t matter; we are helping to build rather than destroy. If you like more information and supporting PID please go to

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Tajima Creative Interactive

I just complete it re-branding, Tajima creative agency’ and this website was re-designed to reflect a new look of creative agency. The new brand website and the theme is Blah. we’re against that.,

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Architectural and concepts commissioned by ToyoTires interactive website and CD-Rom, this CD-Rom and the website items including the marketing material was used for a promotional.

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Ghita Fashion

Ghita is the brainchild of Los Angeles based designer, Alexis Phifer, a modest and quiet entrepreneur, but unquestionably one who is blessed with the gift to design. Absorbing every flavor, color, and melody from her far-reaching travels, it is though her cultural experiences, which remain the inspiration behind Ghita’s ethereal silhouettes and rich hues. Lively color palettes of ultra-luxurious fabrics, which are undeniably suitable for the fashion-forward and the young-at-heart, compliment her designs. Although Ghita Fashions project a playful and bold side to the spirit of adventure, her dresses still maintain a classical elegance along with art-deco elements of asymmetry, tiered skirts, jumpers, and bubbly hems.

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Karma Royale

Karma Royale’s An Evening on the Riviera & work description. Karma Royale is a Poker Tournament set on the Monarch of the Seas with a variety of participants including professional poker players, sports stars, high net worth guests and celebrities who play for their favorite charities.

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