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Tom Tor: Official Site

Design Tide

In conjunction with Design Tide in Tokyo, I was invited to create a motion trailer called the Tide MOVIE project. Based on this year’s main theme “PLAY”, I aka Eskimo along with a handful of leading designers in the industry was given the challenge of producing an animation that interprets our own unique form of the meaning “PLAY”. The main site and a grand total of about 50 extension sites, including interior shops and galleries in Aoyama, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi areas displayed our works. The trailer was also featured on Shibuya-109 TV billboard, Harajuku-PARCO TV billboard, Roppongi-Hills TV billboard, and Tokyo Midtown TV billboard.

Exhibitions at Galerie Rheeway

SoCal Pacific Asian Artists 01/26/2012 - 02/25/2012, Artists Reception: Thursday, January 26, 6-9 pm Galerie Rheeway 3525 West 8th Street Suite no. 214, 215, 216 & 217 Los Angeles, CA 90005 Tel: 1-213-785-1121

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Caterpillar Project

Utilized everyday recyclable waste material such as plastic bottles and straws to create a 25’ x 3’ sculpture resembling the form and shape of a caterpillar. We are living in a world of excess waste and need to come together to reThink how we buy, how we reuse and how we help — in an effort to renew our planet. Use less and achieve more, and “one day I will be beautiful like you!”

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Visitor Interactive Art Exhibition

I just want to take this time to say, “Thank you and I appreciated all the people who attended my exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo. It was my pleasure meeting all of you at the exhibition opening and a special thanks to Junji Suzuki.” Also, I want to let everybody know that the exhibition will be extended to November 23rd. If you like more information, please go to or click on the Mirai gallery link.

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Tokyo Designer’s Week

Tokyo Designer’s Week - Container Exhibition (October 31 - November 4, 2007) is the largest and most influential design event held yearly in Japan. Tom Tor and MEF designed this interactive installation for Teraoka Seiko. TT transformed an empty 40 ft. cargo container into a unique exhibition site. Using customized software and sophisticated programming and hardware; the participant’s weight was recorded on a scale, which then became translated into motion graphics onto a projected screen. The graphics reacted according to the person’s weight, thus producing various hues of color, which were displayed as particle animations and reflected the theme, set forth by TDW called “LOVE”.

Global Hybrid Exhibition

I was invited to participate in upcoming exhibition called Global Hybrid with be opening July 7 to August 2, 2009 at Meta House in Cambodian. All of the artworks is limited edition silkscreen posters is a environmental movement to help promoted saving Khmer’s wildlife in the Cambodian.

GreenDay 2037

Green Day is a simple environmental movement to provide a new or renewed conscientious awareness in recognizing the need and occasions for improvements. I was commissioned and invited to participate in a conference at Ikejiri Institute of Design in Tokyo, Japan. Concepts were shared at this Design Pitch, where 11 outstanding creators participated and presented their ideas based on the theme: “The Green Landscape in 2037.”

The green ad campaign that I designed, consisted of a 15 set of FSC compliant postcards, poster and a 1.14 second promo reel. Each set has 15 postcards with clever messages on various ways that one can make a difference. With the use of snail mail and hi-tech pod casts to spread the word, I continue to support their efforts in making the world a better place. In addition to the artistic side of being creative, a humanistic approach of doing projects that are more than commercial oriented is my philosophy in life.

Visitor Art Exhibition

Visitor Art  Exhibition By Tom Tor 期間:February 10th (Tues) – March 15th (Sun) 2009 場所:藤井大丸 7階 〒600-8031 京都市下京区四条寺町 Tel : 075-221-8181  営業時間:10:30 - 20:00 Fujii Daimaru / Japan –Kyoto

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New Acrylic Painting

Here are my latest acrylic paintings that I’ve been working on for the last six months and I will be getting ready for a new exhibition coming up in 2009.

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Visitor Art Exhibition

Visitor Interactive Art Exhibition by Tom Tor 2008

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. —Marcel Proust

Maps of every variety possess a certain mystical allure to inspire wanderlust in the map-reader—unfolding expanses of unexplored territory and holding forth the promise of limitless possibility. The visitor who attempts the venture into the myriad realms depicted in Tom Tor’s captivating collection, however, will travel beyond city walls and national boundaries and into historical ideologies, the evolution of cultural consciousness, and the global degeneration of social utopian visions.

Tor applies advanced mathematics and computational mapping methodologies to generate scores of schematic diagrams and gridding lattices, which all converge to manifest as organic lines of our living planet. These global lines extend beyond geographic thresholds to simultaneously trace the intimate topographical contours of a profoundly symbolic figure—John Lennon, in one instance, Ghandi in another—powerfully evocative visionaries that have become potent emblems of distinct cultural and political values, revolutionary convictions and progressive agendas.  An ambitious experiment in conceptual cartography, Tor’s traversal of world geographies evolves multi-dimensional allegorical landscapes.  With each successive layering, the maps and the portraits they piece together tell very different tales in the end. By_ Felicia McCrossin _Editorial Director at SOMA Magazine

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Debli Project Exhibition

Debli means ‘Recycle and Re-create’ which is an exhibition of animal inspired art and media. Over 180 artists, who incorporated ‘recycled’, object d’arts, revealed their artistic creative visions, wildly imaginative minds and impressive artistic skills. This revolutionary art tour affirmed Tom Tor’s ongoing commitment to support independent artistic expressions. His creative agencies, with offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo, manifested the possibility of designing to make a difference with the concept of ‘Recycle and Re-create’. Tom Tor, aka Eskimo, was commissioned to be a part of this exhibition and continues to design and develop for the Debli’s official commercial and advertising campaign.